The northern jewel of Kefalonia

Untouched by the passing of time…

Fiskardo, the northernmost port of the island, maintains the traditional architecture of the Ionian Islands and has been declared a protected heritage village. The port of Fiskardo connects with ports on Ithaca and Lefkada, making it an excellent departure point for day trips to those two islands.

Fiskardo, according to tradition, took its name from the pirate Robert Guiscard, who conquered the village in the 11th century. Over the subsequent centuries it saw significant growth thanks to the Venetians and the port. Today Fiskardo is a cosmopolitan tourist destination.

Old preserved mansions with small balconies, narrow streets, dozens of tourist shops, taverns and cafes running around the quaint harbour create picturesque images worthy of an artist’s discerning eye.

Fiskardo is a pleasant surprise to guests, as any time you choose to walk in the streets or to sit and enjoy the breathtaking views, the colors and the atmosphere are magical.

Fiskardo and all its nearby villages are located among cypress and olive tree-covered hills whose terrain is studded with amazing rock formations, wild herbs and bushes, which are home to a great range of wildlife, including pine martens, pheasants, quail, mountain hare, hedgehogs, eagles, lizards and snakes. And the sight of sheep and goats clambering over the road-cuttings and hillsides will certainly invite creative photography.

A little further down the west coast from Fiskardo the beautiful seaside village of Assos lies nestled at the base of a small peninsula capped by the remains of a Venetian fortress built in 1593 . This quaint village, like Fiskardo, maintains the traditional architecture of the Ionian Islands and offers a pleasant sojourn with a meal, snack or cool drink at one of the restaurants or cafes fringing the small bay.