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The capital of Kefalonia, which is the largest of the Ionian Islands, is the beautiful Argostoli, where the visitor can admire, among other impressive monuments and sights, the historical stone sea-bridge constructed by Charles de Bosse (”Devosetou”) and completed in 1812. Here you can find the ”Korgiallenios” History and Folklore Museum, the Archaeological Museum and Kefalos Theatre, which hosts concerts, plays, films and other performances and exhibitions year round.

The sink holes (”Katavothres”) are openings in the rocky ground at the water’s edge where the water enters the Earth, and then flows underground eastwards across the entire island. This unique geological phenomenon was discovered in 1963, when geologists Viktor Maurin and Josef Zötl from the Technical University of Graz released 160 kilos of dye into one of these sinks. Two weeks later traces of colour were found in springs on the other side of the island at Karavomylos, 14km away, as well as in Lake Melissani, which, along with Drogarati Cave, is of particular interest. In the same area, Sami, numerous other sites of religious and historical importance are to be found, some linked by well-marked walking tracks.

Further afield Kefalonia prides itself on the unique mountain habitat of Mount Ainos, the highest mountain in the Ionian islands, with its wild horses, black fir trees and panoramic views of the Ionian sea, the surrounding islands and the mainland to the east.
There are many splendid beaches on the island, the best-known of which is Myrtos, which is considered one of the most beautiful beaches of the Mediterranean and is included in a catalogue of the best beaches on the planet.

Kefalonia is truly an amazing island, rich in geological, botanical, natural, historical and cultural phenomena. A visit to this unique place guarantees a memorable holiday, and there is no better base to begin its exploration from than Stavros Villa.

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